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Master Hammersley – (Master H.)  8th degree master black belt in the United Fighting Arts Federation.


Appointed in 2005 by Grand Master Mr. Chuck Norris as the United Fighting Arts federation (UFAF) International Board Member: Director of Professional Development.


2009 Master Hammersley was humbled and honored to receive the most meaningful and prestige’s honor of his life, the“Wieland Norris Award” awarded to him by Grand master Chuck Norris and Master Aaron Norris in remembrance of their beloved brother Wieland Norris, who served and fell in Vietnam.


Master Hammersley has earned recognition for his exceptional teaching skill and was lauded by black belts around the world as one of the top martial arts instructors, and was voted and inducted into the International black belt hall of fame in 1995.


  •  UFAF/CKD Competitor of the year 2000 for Weapons, forms and Fighting.


  •  UFAF/CKD 1991 Man of the Year


  •  Received  professional martial arts designation in 1992 from Grand Master Chuck Norris and Instructor Master Ken Gallacher.


  •   Member of the first ever martial arts fighting and competition team to travel to the Soviet Union March of 1989. 


Master Hammersley has trained and taught martial arts for over 35 years and opened American Martial Arts in New Smyrna Beach in 1985. Master Hammersley also is a 5th degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, 5th degree black belt Champion Martial Arts,1st degree black belt Kuk Ki Won Tae Kwon Do, as well as having studied extensively in many other forms of martial arts, most notably, grappling (BJJ) Hombu Akido, MMA and full contact fighting competition, as well as mastering many different styles and types of traditional weapons.


Master Hammersley conducts and teaches martial arts seminars at schools and international martial arts training conferences throughout the world and has graduated hundreds of men, women, teenagers and children from his specialized self protection programs designed exclusively for by Master Hammersley,




W.A.R (Women Against Rape) . teaching women of all ages effective and up to date mental and physical self defense skills against bigger and stronger would be attackers.


A.C.T.T. (Adult Combative Tactical Training) a no frills, to the point, realistic and effective self protection program designed for men ,women and teens,


BULLY BUSTERS, an award winning bully proof program that really works! and is taught in all of the American Martial Arts children’s classes, teaching kids and their parents what to do when bullied at school or in the neighborhood.


STEAL-PROOF MASTERS, this is a must learn program for every child at our school and in our community, teaching children how to identify and escape from child predators and child abductors.


Master Hammersley is a good friend of Cub Lewis a true American Hero J